Customer Identification Program


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Coordinated Capital Securities, Inc. has instituted a Client Identification Program in its obligations under the USA Patriot Act. This important federal regulation is designed to prevent, deter and, where necessary, prosecute those who seek to manipulate the U.S. financial system. Your assistance in meeting our obligations under the Act is part of a global effort to combat terrorism in one of the most effective ways possible, denying terrorists and others engaged in illicit activity access to our financial services network. Consistent with the Act, the provisions of our Client Identification Program serve to reinforce key elements of a broker-dealer's responsibility of becoming familiar with its clients. We may therefore ask you to provide identification documents or other information. Please keep in mind that we will endeavor to secure this information in accordance with our privacy policy.

For more information regarding our obligations under the Customer Identification program, please review the
Customer Identification Program Notice.