Revenue Sharing


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When you open an account through CCS you will have access to a wide variety of investment and insurance products. We collectively refer to these products as Approved Product Companies. In some cases CCS has entered into various arrangements with some Approved Product Companies in what is referred to as revenue sharing arrangements. Because there are thousands of investment choices for sale, CCS may have revenue sharing arrangements with Approved Product Sponsors to assist us in marketing activities, training and other educational presentations. We call these sponsors our Sustaining Sponsors, and the type of benefits we may receive include:

Approved Product Sponsors may also invite our representatives to training and educational meetings, conferences and seminars.

The most recent educational meeting hosted by CCS was in 2014 in which the following companies participated: American Funds, Inland Securities, First Clearing LLC, Invesco and Jackson National Insurance Company.

Approved Product Sponsors typically reimburse CCS or the Rep for the expenses incurred, within industry rules. We want you to be aware of these arrangements because they could be viewed as an incentive to promote certain products over others.